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Welcome to Talent14 – Your Partner in Unlocking Human Potential. 

At Talent14, we're passionate about transforming organizations through the power of exceptional leadership and strategic talent management. With over 25 years of proven expertise, our team excels in:

Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, International and Strategic HR, Agile Team Support, Strategic Session Facilitation, Custom Training Design and Delivery

We specialize in revolutionizing talent management systems, empowering individuals to maximize their potential, and driving organizational success. Our tailored approach ensures that every client – from emerging leaders to established executives – receives the tools and insights needed to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

Discover how Talent14 can elevate your leadership, transform your teams, and propel your organization to new heights. 

Anastasia Mizitova, CEO, Talent14

Our Services For Companies

Inspirational Leadership

Empowering leaders to inspire and engage talent through powerful regular conversations. 


Crafting and implementing impactful mentoring solutions 

Leadership and HR development

Crafting bespoke leadership programs and team-building experiences


Elevating performance through next level individual and team coaching



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